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Fresh Foliage Photoshop Brushes for High Resolution [Part I]

» 18 February 2006 » In Everything, Photoshop Brushes » 149 Comments

I decided it was time to create some more brushes. Hopefully these will warm you from the inside during these cold winter months (its cold where I am).

These brushes are big, and meant for print. You can use them for Web stuff as well, but you might need to size them down. Most of them are around 1800 pixels wide. Here’s a few examples from the Fresh Foliage [Part I] Set:




Get The Photoshop Brushes Here ($12)

Try out the Photoshop brush sample first.

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Credit Card Companies Rock

» 11 February 2006 » In Everything » 9 Comments

Credit Card Offers

I noticed I was getting quite a few credit card offers but I didn’t realize how ridiculous it was until I saved them for a while. I didn’t count the whole pile, but I grabbed about one-forth of it and there were about 40 offers. That totals to roughly 160 in 4 months. It’s a bit annoying. However, because of these offers I’ve been able to carry some credit card debt for about 5 years without any finance charges or transfer fees. So thanks for that. It’s very simple, with this many offers, you just wait for the ones that say 0% APR for one year and no balance transfer fees. Then, you just transfer to those cards and cancel your old ones.

My favorite offers are the ones that say 5.7% fixed or something like that. Hello, why would I choose 5.7% fixed if I can get 0% for 12 months and then just transfer to the next 0% that comes along, which I do. So thanks for all the offers credit card companies. As long I as I’m in debt, I welcome them.

Shortly after I posted this, Corey and I got all of his junk mail out and had a gay old time.

Check Out His Photos Here

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